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PowerTool Battery Refer

Brands : Craftsman, Skil, Ryobi, Senco, Panasonic, Black and Decker, Ridgid
(Sears manufactures...Craftsman, Skil, Ryobi,  Black and Decker

Original Eguipment Manufacture Battery mAh:  Mah of battery pack cells range from 1300mAh to 2000 mAh.

Battery sizes used to rebuild:
NiCd 2000mAh  Sub C Flat Top and NiCd 1200  4/5 Sub C Flat Top , NiCd 2200mAh Flat Top  and 2000mAh with Soldier Tabs Flat Top .
( Some manufactures are substatuting the NiCd 4/5 Sub C battery for a standard NiCd Sub C by placing  a filler bridge in bottom of battery pack case. They can get  the NiCd 4/5 Sub C battery packs made for half the price of standard NiCd Sub C batteries. )

Benefit of replacing OEM packs with high mAh battery packs. Longer run times.  More power.

Caution: Do not run on FULL POWER with battery packs made from higher mAh batteries. If you replace the battery pack from original manufacture with a higher voltage pack made from 2000mAh batteries the only concern is running the power drill in short bursts of power for long periods of time. This will over stress the smaller motors and burn them  up by over working them. You will also notice the difference in the TORQUE/POWER placed on your wrist. 

Charge time: Depends on the in-put rate of your charging unit.

General Information: Depending on you model of power tool drill, voltage of packs is not  a great concern. Motors on these models  are not as strong as construction grade power tools, which can take the "TORK or Battery Power" of higher voltage battery packs.  The motors are made to run for normal household usage, only.

Brand:  Milwauka, DeWalt, Porter Cable, Bosch, Makita

Battery sizes used to rebuild:

From....7.2 V to 14.4V only rebuild with NiCd 2000mAh Sub C
From....15.6V to 19.2V  rebuild with NiCd 2000 mAh Sub C , NiCd 220mAh Sub C or NiCd  2400mAh Sub C
From....24V to 36V  NiCd 2200 mAh Sub C or 2400mAh Sub C

Brand: Hilti

Battery size used to rebuild : 

From 24V to 36V use NiCd 2200mAh Sub C  

NiMh battery pack  information.

Brand : Milwaukee

Milwaukee can be  rebuild with NiMh  3000mAh Sub C for 12V to 14.4 V

Brand:  Makita

To rebuild packs for Makita power tools  batteries used will be dependent on in-put charge rate of  your specific charger.  Some of Makita's chargers will only charge at 2.4 amps, 2.6 amps, 2.8 amps.  So if your rebuild a pack with NiMh 3500 SubC and you have a 1 hour charger it will take about 2 hours to recharge the pack.

Makita's 18V NiMh drill pack can be replaced with cells  NiMh 3000mAh Sub C  to NiMh 3300mAh Sub C cells

Brand: Hilti

Hilti battery packs can be rebuilt with NiMh or NiCd batteries
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